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your data on a map

your data on a map

Map data anywhere in real-time


Our easy to use mobile and web app transforms the outdated data collection process. With Urbamapp mapping is as easy as snapping a picture or filling out a form. Add data points from your desktop or while on the go from your phone.

How Urbamapp works

Create your project
Our user-friendly tool makes it easy to create customizable forms. Need help designing your form or survey? Our research specialists are here to help.
Distribute it
Share links to your map and start collecting data. Need help coordinating your project? We are ready to help you reach your goals.
Gain insights
Analyze your data through dynamic reports, maps. and export your data to Excel or CSV.
Go further
Take your project to the next level using our API or publish your map to your own domain with a customizable dashboard.

Sample projects

Mujeres y Ciudad

Mujeres y ciudad

Este proyecto pretende analizar la distribución…
Mapa de innovación quito

Mapa de Innovación Quito

Recabar información sobre los actores que…
  Barrio La Alameda Y Barrio La Floresta
Resolviendo la Fada

Resolviendo la FADA

Satisfacer la demanda energética de transporte..
Puyo Ciudad Verde

Puyo, ¿Ciudad Verde?

Registrar la cantidad de árboles o plantas…