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Create maps with forms

Create maps with forms

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Projects powered by Urbamapp

Mapping Stray Dogs

Fundación NEO
A monthly citizen observatory of stray dogs. Volunteers map once a month during two hours in order to better design sterilization programs.


Points mapped: 398/1000
  60 members
mapa de innovación quito

Innovation Map of Quito

A location-based analysis of local economic development. The goal is to identify key actors and to create a network of innovative organizations.


Points mapped: 352/300
  La Alameda y La Floresta
  103 members

Rural Tourism Opportunity Map

Oportunidades sostenibles
Using the offline app, entrepreneurs in the rural community of Cotacachi, Ecuador identified the businesses and services that support tourism.


Points mapped: 15/50
  Cotacachi, Ecuador
  5 members

Map of Historic Trees

Secretary of the Environment
An interactive archive of protected trees within the Metropolitan District of Quito.


Points mapped: 22/350
  Quito, Ecuador
  3 members