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your data on a map

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Urbamapp empowers people and organizations everywhere through accessible technology and methods to collect the data their communities need.


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Projects powered by Urbamapp

Mapping Stray Dogs

Fundación NEO
A monthly citizen observatory of stray dogs. Volunteers map once a month during two hours in order to better design sterilization programs.


Points mapped: 398/1000
  60 members

Innovation Map of Quito

A location-based analysis of local economic development. The goal is to identify key actors and to create a network of innovative organizations.


Points mapped: 352/300
  La Alameda y La Floresta
  103 members

Transportation Study

A questionnaire designed to measure the daily energy consumption of PUCE students in order to better design sustainable transportation program.


Points mapped: 268/780
  24 members

Map of Historic Trees

Secretary of the Environment
An interactive archive of protected trees within the Metropolitan District of Quito.


Points mapped: 22/350
  Quito, Ecuador
  3 members