3 pillars

3 pillars



Urbamapp is a series of community-built maps

Urbamapp provides searchable geographic content with a brief description of the point written by community members. Each map is created by an administrator who can choose to make the project public or private. A public project is not a soapbox, an encyclopedia, a vanity press, or an authoritative source. Urbamapp’s public projects are living databases that are continuously updated by volunteers.


Urbamapp is a tool to generate data that strengthens communities

Urbamapp is used to collect and share information between community members and may be used by individuals, academics, entrepreneurs and local governments to make informed decisions. Users are encouraged to map publicly on the platform but also have the option to map within Private Projects when the data collected is sensitive in nature.


Users should treat each other with respect

Respect your fellow mappers and the places mapped. Don’t engage in slander that aims to harm the reputation of an individual person, business, group, government, or religion. Report any violation or concern to info@urbamapp.com.