Urbamapp improves the management of your remote

team and consolidates your business’ data in dynamic


management of your remote team

management of your remote team

business intelligence

business intelligence

Access a complete overview of your business


The Urbamapp dashboard allows project managers to see reports and maps that track the actions of their team in real-time.


Save time with exportable Excel reports.

Your mobile team connected offline


Collect vital project data while on-the-go without having a WiFi connection. Your data automatically uploads when your phone connects to WiFi.


Consultants can fill out custom forms, surveys, take photos and more, all from their smartphones.

Create a tailored solution based on your team’s needs


We personalize the follow core modules:

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GPS Tracking


Analyze the efficiency of your team and discover opportunities in your region.
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Each team member can map and update their client’s information and report sales.
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Make the most of mobile data collection with custom forms that can be edited at anytime.

Urbamapp connects to your critical business systems on

a single dynamic dashboard to improve efficiency and

the management of your business.

First class customer support

Technology shoudn’t be complicated. Schedule a demo to see how integrating Urbamapp can improve your workflow.

Keep your data safe & secure

Your data is secure with our SSL encription. This ensures that all data remains confidencial.

Learn how to get started using Urbamapp’s advanced BI

platform to collect your business critical data