How to analyze data with Density heat maps?

You don’t have to be a statistician to analyze your data. Data visualization tools such as those on the Urbamapp portal help you explore your data by presenting it in different formats. These formats can be in the form of charts and graphs or geo-referenced on a map. We at Urbamapp love to visualize our data via maps because they provide a geographic context that can help explain the data’s story.


The very first step to analyzing your data is to look at it on a map. After you have taken a look at the basic map the next step is to study density. Density is one of the most simplistic yet powerful tools for uncovering spatial patterns. The Urbamapp portal provides each project with a density heatmap, allowing the viewer to study the density of points in a given area at any scale. This means you may zoom out to a national level, regional level, city level or block level and still study density.


Study your data’s spatial patterns at multiple scales- National, Regional and local.


Ana Maria Quiros
Ana Maria Quiros

An Open Data advocate with experience in data collection and business intelligence.