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How to become an Urbamapp Editor

The open nature of Urbamapp lets anyone map. However, errors are occasionally made by well-intentioned users. We have therefore created the role of Editors, entrusted with resolving inconsistencies in their city or neighborhood.  Editors ensure the accuracy of the data shared on the Urbamapp platform and have the ability to edit the publicly shared information on the Urbamapp database. In order to be promoted to the role of Editor, you must have successfully mapped at least 50 points.


Editors contribute to the Urbamapp community in multiple ways such as:

1. Checking the geographic accuracy of a point mapped

2. Investigating and resolving errors reported by non-editors

3. Adding high quality images

4. Fixing spelling and grammar

5. Adding informative descriptions

6. Updating contact information


Editors are responsible community members who enjoy mapping and understand the value of having accurate citizen-generated information about our cities. If this is you, apply to become an editor by emailing or filling out the following form:


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Ana Maria Quiros
Ana Maria Quiros

An Open Data advocate with experience in data collection and business intelligence.