We strive to produce statistically significant research results in a

comprehensible way that leads to insight and action.

Research methods data collection

Research methods data collection

 Statistically significant

Your project depends on the quality of your analysis. Let our experienced analysts guide your research design to ensure reliable results. We will begin by discussing your research goals, distribution methods and target group in order to provide the most effective methodology for reaching your ideal sample size.

 Understand your data

Our research team can go one step further than the automatic standard reports in the Urbamapp tool to provide a more profound custom analysis. We have the statistical and geospatial knowledge to analyse your data and answer your questions. Contact us for more information.

 Survey design and reviews

Let a research expert design or provide a full assessment of your survey. The language must be clear and relevant to your target group and provide the answers in the format needed.

 Presentation and Visualization

Visualize your data and research findings via interactive dashboards or infographics. Our experienced comunicatiors and designers and ready to tell your data’s story.

Our specialties


Our team of researchers provide technical research assistance to organizations around the world.

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