El dorado

Strengthening Community in “El Dorado”

Though technology is often blamed for weakening social bonds, Urbamapp was able to bridge the generational gap with its communication platform. The mapping event, held September 24th with the support from MediaLab UIO, forged conections between artists, economists, sociologists and the ‘El Dorado’ neighborhood in Quito. A group of 7 volunteers met with long-time residents to understand its historical, cultural and economic heritage. Using Urbamapp, the volunteers were able to map, photograph and profile local businesses, urban art, look-out areas and other points of interest. After 4 hours of interviews with the local residents, the volunteers had gathered 40 georeferrenced points with detailed notes later used to organize activation events under the umbrella ‘Camino hacia El Dorado’ (Road to El Dorado) during the Habitat III conference held recently in Quito.Urbamapp digitalizes civic participation by creating points on the map in the city. In other words, this is a mobile app that allows users to share their knowledge about their sphere of influence by adding their insight on a shared map of the city. Urbamapp believes that by crowdsourcing this knowledge, users will help create the most up-to-date information in real time.




Check out the dynamic points in the Urbamapp app on iPhone and Android.


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Bernardo Beate
Bernardo Beate

A senior manager with experience leading groups and projects internationally.